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Why Use Quick Die Change Vehicles



The Quick Die Change consultation and equipment system enabled a very large hardware manufacturing company to achieve an 80% reduction in setup times within two weeks. The company input has increased by over 40% which in turn reduced the average changeover from 33 minutes to less than 15 minutes in three days. The customer stated with savings of nearly 200k a year, the system paid for itself in about two months.


A renowned heating and cooling company contacted RICO to improve their die changing process. The company utilized up to 3 or more personnel for each change and was also putting the employees at risk for injury. A RICO heavy duty walk-behind die handler was purchased and immediately enabled the process to be a no-hands, one-man operation.


RICO drastically improved operations for one of the largest production units for steel laminations. The facility had multiple injuries on file and sustained irreparable damage to dies using a standard forklift for changeover. RICO manufactured a dedicated walk-behind die handler to protect the employee(s) and dies to ensure a safe and accident-free environment.


A large component manufacturer for the auto industry invests into a complete Quick Die Change System solution. After consultation and an overview of the current process; Over 30 die operations a week that each took an excess of 37 minutes, that time was reduced to approximately 7 minutes and significantly less labor. The customer determined the system paid for itself in approximately 45 days just with the reduction of allocated resources and time.