Walk-Behind Two Tier Die Handler

Industry Showcased: Stamping

Capacity 6,000 LBS


This vehicle allows Die and Mold change outs to take mere minutes then the traditional hours with a standard lift trucks, increasing press run time.

Product Highlights:

This is Rico’s 2-tier die handler model. It is capable of carrying two (2), 3,000 lbs die simultaneously. The 2-tier design allows for even quicker die change then the traditional single-table die truck or fork truck.

This truck was designed for an automotive clutch manufacturer who had some unique design challenges. They required minimal down time during die changes, so RICO provided the 2-tier table system. They required precise alignment but could not mount guides to the floors or presses, so RICO equipped the truck with a visual laser alignment system. The customer wanted the operators to stand beside the truck while unloading, so RICO provided a remote pendant switch box to operate the load handling controls at a safe distance for the operator.

Additional features include a brake override button so the truck can be driven and steered with the handle in the vertical position. Extended die-latches allow the truck to span floor grates while transferring dies. Die retention pins with interlock switches provide an extra layer of protection for the valuable cargo as well as the operator and pedestrians.