Walk Behind Pallet Truck

Industry Showcased: Military

Capacity 6,000 LBS


This vehicle provided a solution for the US military for handling the cargo on and below deck during the toughest conditions, at sea.

Product Highlights:

Our shipboard pallet trucks are designed to handle the grueling conditions onboard a US Navy vessel. With a capacity of 6,000 lbs, it is counted on to move everything from food to munitions.

It is designed with corrosion resistant hardware, bearings, and paint to withstand the harsh salt-spray environment. It is built to UL 583 Type EE specifications—and FM approved—for use amongst the high explosives.

The trucks are equipped with a special hand-grip brake system to allow them to be steadied as the ships pitch and roll in heavy seas.

Since deck loading is a critical concern, the weight of the trucks is kept to a minimum by utilizing structural design to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio.