Walk Behind Pallet Truck

Industry Showcased: Military and General Manufacturing

Capacity 10,000 LBS


This vehicle provided a solution for handling  oversized palletized material that require a higher weight capacity then traditional pallet trucks.

Product Highlights:

This pallet truck is specifically designed to handle military cargo pallets, such as the HCU-6/E. It has a 10,000 lb capacity at a 54” load center. The vehicles 96” long pallet forks are ideal for handling the oversized cargo pallets with exceptional maneuverability and load stability to safely transport.

The forks are constructed out of formed steel channel, with thick outboard stiffener for improved rigidity and stability. The pull rod is designed to take the rigorous abuse of uneven floor and continues lift and lowering of the heaviest of loads.

The design offers a manual lever-activated spool valve allowing for variable lift and lower speed at the operators control. In either AC or DC drives with mechanical or electric brakes the motors provide unmatched power for quicker ramp up acceleration and the stopping requirement when transporting the heaviest of loads.