General Manufacturing Industry Case Study

A Manufacturer in Beijing, China uses RICO Equipment to transport loads up to 35,000 pounds


Industry Showcased: Petroleum and Chemical

Capacity 35,000 LBS

RICO Sit-Down Straddle Truck


This vehicle created a solution in handling large oversized loaded safely and securely throughout the manufacturing operation.

Product Highlights:

This 35,000 lb capacity truck was manufactured for a petroleum and chemical corporation based out of Beijing, China. It is designed to handle multiple, palletized stainless steel reservoirs.

The truck is powered by a single 72 volt planetary drive. The single drive provides for excellent maneuverability while not sacrificing speed or torque.
RICO Sit-Down Straddle Truck

The operator compartment is elevated and offset to one side of the truck for improved visibility. A large, convex mirror provides additional visibility to the opposite side of the truck. The operator compartment is equipped with an adjustable seat, steer column, and accelerator pedal.

Large covers, spacious compartments, and external oil level gauge, oil fill, and central grease ports offer exceptional serviceability. Multiple lift points allow the truck to be easily lifted via overhead crane, transported, and unloaded.

Safety features include a robust overhead guard, steel mesh-enclosed operator compartment, seat and safety belt interlock switches, a large amber strobe light, travel alarm, and an emergency power disconnect button.