EX Sit-Down Counterbalance

Industry Showcased: Chemical and Coatings

Capacity 6,000 LBS


This vehicle provided a safe solution for handling large capacity hazardous and explosive materials for areas where long operational runs are required without sacrificing operator comfort.

Product Highlights:

RICO’s sit-down rider counterbalance truck is used throughout the Chemical and Coating industries where safety is of the highest concern.  Rico provides a rugged and ergonomic solution for

  • Class I, Division I, Group D
  • Class II, Division I, Group G Hazardous Locations.

This FM certified EX truck is capable of lifting 6,000 lbs up to a 188” raised height and 4,700 lbs up to a 240” raised height. It can be fitted with a side shifter, fork positioner, drum clamp, drum-handling forks, and numerous other front-end EX compliant attachments.

Safety features include a back-up alarm, strobe light, emergency power disconnect, seat-switch, and side mirrors. All of Rico’s EX line of trucks are built to UL 583 specifications and are approved by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).