Counterbalance 2K

Industry Showcased: Chemical and Coatings

Capacity 2,000 LBS


This vehicle offered a solution for non-skidded material handling while providing increased lifting height for easy load stacking.

Product Highlights:

This is a unique walkie counterbalance truck which was designed to operator in a large chemical manufacturing facility. The truck is fitted with an integral bale clamp capable of handling up to 2,000 lbs of baled product.

This truck is required to work on elevators and mezzanines. Because of this, its gross weight and tire-ground pressures had to meet stringent limits. This was achieved by incorporating a special bale clamp made from light-weight, high-strength materials and through a structural frame which provided enough weight for counterbalance and strength, yet without exceeding the customer’s limitations.

Other special features include an EE rating in accordance with UL 583 specifications and a narrow, high-visibility mast.