Large Capacity Towing

Industry Showcased: Aerospace

Capacity 175,000 LBS


This vehicle provided a solution for towing large capacity “Dead Vehicles” to safe locations to perform maintenance or storage.

Product Highlights:

Rico designed this vehicle for large capacity towing of load in excess of 175,000 lbs for the automotive, steel and aerospace industry.

This model featured an all-wheel –drive system providing maximum startup torque and responsive braking for load such as a 737 plane, large trailers or raw materials transport towing. The towing coupler was designed to free float vertically and horizontally with self-centering springs for easy position to the load.

The operator cab is fully enclosed and is equipped with heat and air-conditioning for operator comfort for indoor or outdoor usage. Windows are positioned throughout the cab as well and include in the overhead guard for optimal operator visibility. This vehicle featured additional safety features with a full  light package included headlights, safety strobes, parking and braking lights.