Jet Engine Transporter

Industry Showcased: Aerospace

Capacity 65,000 LBS


This  vehicle provided a solution for handling a large capacity oversized load safely and securely throughout the manufacturing facility, unmanned.

Product Highlights:

Rico partnered with JBT technology to design this vehicle for the aerospace industry to lift and transport jet engines.

The design offered an “EE” rated automatic guided vehicle (AGV) designed to lift and transport a jet engine cradle fully loaded with up to 65,000 lbs capacity.  This cylinder was equipped with linear transducers to ensure even lifting, load stability and precise positioning under the cradle. The design required maximum maneuverability so the vehicle was equipped with two independently steered drives allowing for omnidirectional steering for load docking.

The vehicle was equipped with start of the art technology controls ensuring safe operation of both the load and pedestrians working in the area.