Straddle Truck 30K

Industry Showcased: Agriculture

Capacity 30,000 LBS


Reduced facility operating cost by eliminating costly outdated overhead cranes while providing a safer solution for transporting and positioning large chassis frame assemblies from the production line.

Product Highlights:

Rico designed this vehicle for agriculture machine manufacturers.

This vehicle was specifically engineered to lift and transport partially assembled Combine Harvesters off the assembly line to the next stage of operation. The forks required special linkage to minimize deflection and to stabilize the load at the extensive load center of 102”.

We equipped the large forks with special interchangeable pads and brackets. This allowed our customer to facilitate the handling of different harvesters frame throughout the various stages in the assembly process.

The operator compartment featured rugged ergonomic pistol grip throttle control, infinitely variable hydraulic lift and lower functions and power steering control.