High Lift Pallet Trucks

Truck Type Designation E or EE

Capacities 2,000-40,000 LBS

Built to ANSI B56 Safety Standard for Industrial Trucks

Built to ANSI B56 Safety Standard for Industrial Truck

Rico’s high lift pallet is designed for increased lifting height with pallet style forks for load stability.  This design is offered in 2 versions: walk behind or rider with operator comfort, control and increased visibility. All vehicles are custom engineered to meet your specific application and towing requirements.

Design offers:

  • Pallet forks are positioned over outriggers allowing  less space
  • Single, double or triple stage masts for maximum lifting height
  • Pallet forks length and widths are designed to meet your load requirements
  • Clear upright mast provide greater visibility
  • Rugged ergonomic  controls
  • All steel constructed chassis  for superior strength

Drive System offers:

  • DC or AC stationary mounted high torque drive motors
  • Dual, single or articulated drive system with vertically mounted transmissions
  • Manual or power steering designs
  •  Mechanical or electric  braking
  • Programmable control with onsite customization
  • All instrument are positioned within clear visibility of the operator
  • Electric push button or mechanical infinite variable lift controls
  • Industry standard components

Safety & Service features:

  • Emergency disconnect switch
  • Horn, key switch, hour meter and battery discharge indicator
  • Open drive compartment and easy access panels
  • Speed cut back switch
  • On board service diagnostic system