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Why Elite Counterbalance

The team at RICO, using our vast knowledge and extensive resources in the material handling industry has built the ELITE with performance, safety and quick delivery in mind. When you need the pinnacle of heavy duty material handling, expertly crafted with unparalleled precision and reliability, think RICO.


Outstanding Performance

The ELITE COUNTERBALANCE, the newest creation from RICO Manufacturing, screams INNOVATIVE SOLUTION, which has been a trademark of RICO since the company began operation. ELITE COUNTERBALANCE is designed for those production needs of higher capacities in a standard foot print and design. Strategically built for environments that require forks for standard loads while maintaining unmatched performance and reliability throughout the day and its lifetime. The ELITE COUNTERBALANCE is truly unique.

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Simple Maintenance

An extensive amount of effort and consideration was put into designing the Pegasus ELITE. A removable cab and large access panels in maintenance areas facilitate quick and effortless component preservation to prolong the overall life of the equipment.

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Strength & Reliability

In our design of the ELITE COUNTERBALANCE, we took more into account than just motion. We developed our drive axle to provide long life and marginal downtime. Our design includes an all steel design with stacked counterweights, a larger tank to replace cooling system, STD knuckle steering for tighter turn radius, STD Engine, and more. Reliability is unrivaled while never compromising ELITE quality.

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Ergonomics & Visiblity

Ergonomics is critical as we included large steps, easy to reach rails, and exits from both sides of the ELITE COUNTERBALANCE. The operator compartment boasts a clear view mast with a low profile chassis to allow driver to see the fork tips to enable the highest visibility. Our design team has incorporated multiple ergonomic features into the intuitive and user-friendly cockpit, putting all the ELITE controls within easy reach.

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Engineering & Design

RICO engineers utilize the very best tools, techniques and training to deliver exactly what you need: safety, reliability and high performance. We even voluntarily conform to non-government mandated standards when we believe this will produce a safer product for our customers.

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Elite Counterbalance Gallery

See pictures and videos that demonstrate the outstanding quality and performance of our Elite Counterbalance vehicles.

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