RICO Benefits

Paid Time Off:
The company recognizes that paid-time off is a valued benefit and important to both the physical and mental well-being of our employees. RICO recognizes and celebrates major holidays as well as provides additional time off benefits in the form of vacation.

Medical Insurance:
RICO offers a selection of health care plans that can provide coverage for employees and their dependents that includes hospitalization, in and outpatient surgery, doctor visits, emergency room care, well-baby care and preventive care.

Prescription Drug:
Prescription drug coverage is included in all health care plans. Participants may purchase prescription drugs through the pharmacy based on a co-pay schedule.

Dental Insurance:
RICO employees also have access to a voluntary dental insurance plan. The plan covers preventive care, primary and major services.

Life Insurance:
RICO provides $25,000 of life insurance coverage for all full time employees at no cost to the employee.  Voluntary life or “buy-up” life insurance is also offered.

Short-Term Disability:
RICO’s voluntary short term disability plan can help replace a portion of the Participant’s income during the first initial weeks of disability.

Long-Term Disability:
RICO’s voluntary long-term disability plan can help replace a portion of the Participant’s income if they become disabled for an extended period of time.

401(k) Retirement Savings:
RICO’s 401(k) retirement savings plan allows employees the opportunity to create their own individual retirement plan. Participants enjoy a wide range of investment options and plan services. RICO offers 50% matching contributions up to 7% annual with a three year vesting schedule.

Base Pay:
RICO’s competitive pay package is based on regional job data. This program utilizes specific market data for each position to ensure a competitive salary is paid to each employee

Tuition Assistance:
RICO recognizes the value of continued education and seeks to promote the taking of career related courses. Courses that enhance the employees job performance or qualifications for career advancement are addressed by this program.

Prescription Safety Glass Program:
RICO will pay the cost for all qualified employees to purchase prescription safety glasses.

Direct Deposit Payroll:
For your convenience Rico directly deposits your payroll check directly into your savings or checking account.

Paid Uniforms:
Company Paid Uniforms for Shop Personnel.

Tool Purchase Program:
Employees get to take advantage of RICO’s purchasing power to procure some of the best prices on tools. Hand tools can be ordered through RICO’s purchasing department. The employee may elect to pay for such purchases using a payroll deduction plan.