Every business has to have a reason to exist – a reason that answers the fundamental question of, “Why we are here?” RICO’s vision is to be the best manufacturing company in our market by being:

  • Our customers first choice
  • Our employees first choice
  • ‘Responsible’ to our owners
  • A leader in our community


Drive out Fear
The absence of fear, in the workplace, ensures that employees can work effectively toward the strategic goals of the organization. It creates an environment of trust and cooperation, essential ingredients to pursuing continuous improvement and encouraging innovation. Fear in the workplace, no matter how subtle, does not improve productivity. In fact, fear drives people to counterproductive behavior.

Breakdown Departmental Barriers
A fundamental principle of organizational effectiveness is that all departments work as a team toward organizational goals.
It is imperative that we continually work across departmental boundaries and break down any internal barriers.

Strive for Simplicity
Stop processes, procedures and activities that slow us down or do not add value. Work across departmental boundaries and breakdown internal barriers.

Create a Culture of Questioning and Change
We must embrace a culture that consistently questions why we do the things we do so that we may identify processes, procedures and activities that slow us down or do not add value. We must strive to think outside of the box.

Respect Increases Teamwork (Together Everyone Achieves More)
Treat others with the same personal and professional consideration we expect for ourselves. The easiest way to increase teamwork is to simply start showing respect. Always consider different perspectives and viewpoints from team members.

Empower Communication
We recognize that to be most effective, every employee must feel empowered to participate, communicate and innovate.
Everyone shall feel free to share information, ask questions, listen effectively, speak thoughtfully, and let ideas live.

Institute Leadership at all Levels
Effective leaders coach, relay good news and bad, and give feedback that works. Leadership drives the team to find solutions and achieve results rather than making excuses or placing blame.

Profitability will Provide Opportunities for Risk
We must achieve sufficient profit to finance organizational growth thereby creating value for our shareholders. Profit allows us to reinvest in new and emerging business opportunities. A balance of long-term and short-term objectives is a key to profitability. Everyone influences profitability.

With Prudent Risk Comes Growth
Create a culture where entrepreneurship and prudent risk taking are encouraged. Growth comes from taking smart risks and pursuing opportunities that leverage our engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Revised: 3/24/2011