RICO Manufacturing | Material Handling Redefined

When the application is unique – you need a company capable of out-of-the ordinary solutions. You need a team of experts to understand and develop a solution for your toughest challenges. You need innovative solutions in material handling.

RICO delivers. We are a leading manufacturer of engineered material handling equipment and custom built lift trucks. Since 1984, RICO has redefined the ordinary. We design, develop and manufacture Specialty Lift Trucks capable of handling materials in the most demanding applications -- with capacities ranging from 1,000 to more than 400,000 pounds.

That’s why you’ll see RICO specialty lift trucks around the globe, solving complex material handling challenges in a range of industries, including industrial, commercial, automotive and military markets.

RICO helps you control cost, reduce lead time and see rapid return on your investment – because more than 98% of our work is performed in-house. From design to fabrication to assembly, RICO is simply one of the most self-sufficient companies in this industry.

RICO builds relationships. We are not only engineering and design experts – we are partners who always put our customer first.