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All RICO manufactured type EX vehicles are built to UL 583 and NFPA 70 standards and carry the FM label of approval.

All vehicles are rated to operate in the following hazardous locations:


  • Class 1/Division 1&2 – Group D
  • Class 2/Division 1&2 – Group G

Why EX Vehicles Should Be Recertified Every 2 Years

  • Safety: To prevent unexpected exposure to your employees while safeguarding against loss of life and reducing the risk of severe property damage.
  • National Fire Protection Agency: To comply with NFPA requirements for explosion protection, ensuring your vehicle still provides the required protection against the ignitable properties in your explosive atmosphere.
  • EX Vehicle Maintenance: RICO recommends our Recertification program for vehicles that have had major repairs or damage, been in service for 2 years or more, or have had limited maintenance, to keep within the FM label compliance.
  • OSHA 1910.178(a): To ensure compliance of OSHA requirements for modification and
    safe operation of original equipment design and rating by manufacturer.

RICO’S Factory Recertification Inspection:

  • RICO will perform our complete 92 point inspection. The complete inspection will require some disassembly in order to inspect shaft, bushing, and flame path tolerances.
  • A complete inspection of the spark resistant material around the perimeter of your vehicle. This is essential to reduce the potential for “frictional” type sparks. These sparks could be generated when your vehicle comes in contact with other objects in your hazardous
  • Inspection of the Intrinsically Safe wiring (IS) system to ensure it still meets NEC codes. It is critical to limit both electrical and thermal energy levels in these systems.  This will assure they are incapable of igniting a hazardous mixture which can be present in your explosive atmosphere.
  • Inspection of the Mineral Insulating cables (MI) to make sure they still adhere to the
    standards of non combustible and high heat resistant. This will eliminate a potential ignition source in your highly hazardous environment.
  • Any worn or damaged items can be repaired quickly from RICO’s extensive inventory or by our on-site manufacturing capabilities.
  • The inspection and all repairs will be performed by RICO’s factory trained technicians and certified welders.
  • All data tags will be replaced and safety labels will be updated to meet the latest
    Z535 compliance.
  • A final performance evaluation including: speed, load, and over all safety will be conducted.
  • RICO can also perform an optional basic mechanical and hydraulic evaluation at no cost.
  • Upon approval of meeting all Factory Mutual (FM) requirements, RICO will issue your
    company a recertification certificate of compliance. This will allow your vehicle to continue to operate safely in your hazardous environment.

Recertification Inspection Cost (MSRP): (For Pricing Contact RICO)

*All Inspections Will Need To Be Scheduled Prior To Returning The Vehicle To RICO.

On-Site Evaluation:

  • The onsite evaluation is recommended for vehicles with low hours, limited use, and if the vehicle has had no major repairs.
  • Our 52 point on-site evaluation will identify if any potential hazards are present. If any are found, the inspector will determine if the repairs can be performed on-site, or if the vehicle will need to be returned to RICO.
  • Our low cost option can be performed by RICO or one of our factory trained authorized servicing dealers.
  • On-site evaluations require less downtime. This is ideal for an EX vehicle that can’t be removed from production for an extended period of time.
  • No repairs will be done at the time of the evaluation. If repairs are required, they will need to be scheduled through RICO or one of our authorized servicing dealers.
  • Your vehicle will be registered into RICO’s onsite evaluation program. This is not a recertification but a low cost solution to identify potential hazards.

On-Site Evaluation Cost (MSRP): (For Pricing Contact RICO)

*Plus ALL travel expenses. Limited to 8 hours of inspection time.

It is recommended that all “EX” vehicles be evaluated every 2 years or earlier if major repairs are done to maintain FM compliance. Your environment can contain flammable gases, vapors, mists, and dust that can form an explosive atmosphere. If the atmosphere is ignited, an explosion can take place which can result in severe harm to human life and property. Please call our customer service department to schedule an appointment for this very important and necessary evaluation.

Customer Service Department: 330.723.4050