Operator expectations have changed – comfort is essential to productivity and efficiency. Since more and more time is being spent in machinery cabs, the environment has become more important than ever. This is the reason RICO has taken significant consideration in the overall design of the Elite Series – Maximize output while eliminating fatigue.

  • Low profile 8-way adjustable air suspension seat which includes:
    • Lumbar support
    • Swivel
    • Seatbelt
    • Operator present sensor
    • Fold down arm rests
    • 30 degree rotation of seat when driving in reverse
  • Fans
  • Cup holder with tray
  • Tilt steering column with directional/gear shift lever
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cab access from either side with large steps and easy to reach hand rails
  • Pilot operated hydraulic control valves conveniently located
  • Low noise at operator ear level drastically improves driver satisfaction and comfort
  • Heated and air conditioned cab