• Meets ANSI B56.1 operator protection standards
  • Tilt-steering column with directional/ gear shift lever
  • Cup Holder with tray
  • LED Work Light Package including
    • Head Lights
    • Tail Lights
    • Brake Lights
    • Reverse Lights
    • Strobe Lights
  • Low profile air suspension seat for a comfortable ride for the operator which includes
    • Lumbar support
    • Swivel
    • Seat belt
    • Operator present sensor
    • Fold down arm rest
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Open cab design for increased visibility
  • Two mirrors for visibility toward the rear
  • Access panels
  • All instruments are positioned within clear visibility of the operator
  • Infinite variable hydraulic lift controls
  • Dual brake pedal and inching control
  • Parking brake
  • Operator fans


  • Independent Side-shifting from Fork positioner for “True” side shift
  • Coil rams
  • Free-Lift mast
  • Tapers for coil handling forks
  • Offset “Kissing” coil forks
  • Load stabilizer

Operator Cab Gallery


  • All steel constructed chassis for strength
  • Counter weight is a combination of stacked steel plate and solid poured lead depending on the requirements to optimize both cost and overall envelope of truck
  • Removable cab designed to access all major components
  • Large hinged doors provide easy access to service engine, transmission, and hydraulic system
  • Cut-out for easily visible hydraulic fluid sight glass
  • Floor height fill or LP tank replacement
  • Integrated lifting points for safe handling and transport
  • Low rear chassis profile for increased operator visibility
  • Cab access from either side with large steps and easy to reach hand rails

Drive Axle

  • Planetary drive axle rated for durability and high capacity
  • Standard with oil cooled wet disc brakes
    • Optional external forced brake cooling to reduce wear and increase life
  • Poly tires that combine high load capabilities with superior traction and reduced vibration for a smoother ride

Steer Axle

  • Steer axle rated for durability and high capacity at high speeds
  • Highly maneuverable in tight areas
  • The double acting cylinder provides effortless power steering under high loads
  • Easy access lubrication points
  • Poly tires with high load capabilities


  • 5.7L LPG engine
  • Three speed automatic transmission
  • Electric engine diagnostics
  • Built in engine safety shutdowns
  • Standard 12-volt electrical system
  • Hydraulic oil coolers

Strength & Power Gallery


  • Clear view upright mast design for maximum visibility
  • Telescopic I-beam designed 2-stage mast that is easily removable
  • Pin-mounted tube style forks that are customizable for any application
  • Integral side shifting fork positioner utilized to reduce overall length of vehicle while providing both functions as standard
  • Solid forged forks
  • Standard tilt forward and back
  • Limitless carriage attachments designed to meet specific applications


  • Independent Side-shifting from Fork positioner for “True” side shift
  • Coil rams
  • Free-Lift mast
  • Tapers for coil handling forks
  • Offset “Kissing” coil forks
  • Load stabilizer

Mast & Forks Gallery


  • Hydraulic oil filter (10 micron) – In-tank filter
  • Oil checks (engine, transmission, hydraulic tank)
  • Hydraulic oil check
  • Open compartments
  • Propane (flip down tank)
  • Air filter
  • Lift chain access
  • Transmission oil filter
  • Remote engine oil drain  
  • Murphy gauge
  • Transmission display
  • Circuit breaker (not automotive fuse)
  • Removable floor plate
  • Rear engine cover (shroud) is removable
  • Cab removable
  • Carriage side wear pads (adjustable)
  • Bolt on radiator(s)