Meet RICO…

a leading manufacturer of engineered material handling equipment with headquarters and manufacturing facility in Medina, Ohio. 

Since 1984 RICO has been designing and manufacturing specialized lift trucks for the most rigorous and demanding industries around the globe – including the U.S. Army and Navy.

RICO was founded in 1984 by Boyd Ross, a leader with more than 50 years experience in the specialty lift truck industry.  Our CEO, Dave Mueller, joined RICO in 1986 and brings 25 years of experience in various roles at RICO as well as being an entrepreneurial strategist and investor.

President and COO Steve Shuck joined the company in 1991 and served in multiple roles over the years.  He is now RICO’s active “hands-on” operational and strategic leader with over 25 years of experience in specialized lift trucks.  Steve shares his vast manufacturing background, his strategic vision for long-term growth and a passion for developing solutions in the specialty material handling industry.

The entire team of skilled and talented RICO employees is completely devoted to the specialized material handling industry. In fact, more than half of our employees have been committed to RICO for 10+ years.   From senior management to engineers and shop employees, we understand how to handle valuable materials in the most challenging environments and tasks – with the ultimate goal of improving productivity and safety.  This is the key to RICO’s growth and success.

Self-Sufficiency Delivers Value

RICO has earned a reputation as one of the most self-sufficient companies in the industry — with more than 98% of our work performed in house.  That means we deliver value to customers via shorter lead times and greater control of design, fabrication and costs.

Our financial position is so strong we have no dependency on bank financing – so RICO has the freedom to develop truly innovative solutions for our customers in need of specialized material handling equipment.

The RICO Vision

Our vision is simple: to serve our dealers and customers with the highest level of respect and integrity.  That’s how we build lasting relationships that work for all parties.

RICO strives to be:

  • Our Customers’ First Choice
  • Our Employees’ First Choice
  • Responsible To Our Owners
  • A Leader In Our Community